What is Fang Shui (Feng Shui)

Enjoying a Tranquil Space

Hello gracious readers.  One of my humans (the alpha female) asked if I would do a guest blog on Fang Shui, since I am the resident expert.  Fang Shui, or Feng Shui as humans refer to it, has been in existence since time began.   However, the Chinese Humans began to observe and notice occurrences in nature and made correlations about their actions with events that happened to them about 3,000 years ago.  Feng means wind and Shui means water, and 5 elements are used to express the flow of energy: wood, fire, earth, metal, and water.  I don’t know why humans didn’t use fish, birds, mice, catnip, and milk to represent energy, but they didn’t.

Everything is made of energy, which is timeless.  The sun, the sky, the water, flowers, birds, humans, trees, and places all have an energy flow and vibrate to certain frequencies.  When energy becomes stagnant, or bottled up, dis-ease can occur.  To unblock the energy, and create a peaceful environment, humans have developed tools to change the energy flow in their environment.  They rearrange furniture, choose certain colors for certain walls, place artwork with certain themes or certain shapes in specific areas, place wind chimes in front or in back of their homes or businesses, and position water features, like fountains or fish tanks to create tranquility, health, wealth, and happiness.

I hope you have enjoyed this very brief discussion on Fang Shui.  It’s time for my morning nap, I will be posting more information soon about the Bagua, which is a tool Western Feng Shui Masters use to help divide a space into quadrants.  These quadrants represent certain areas that humans wish to enhance.  For now, may all your catnip be fresh.

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