Small Business Marketing and The Importance of SEO

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is such an important part in Internet Marketing. It can be the thing that makes you as a business, or breaks you. I am not an Internet Marketing Specialist. That’s why I paid a web hosting company to submit my site to Google, Yahoo, Bing, and a whole bunch of other popular sites.

The thing was, my website still wasn’t making the first page in searches. I hadn’t been completely satisfied with my website, or the service that my website provider was giving me, so I decided to transfer all of my domains to another host, and to use WordPress for my website and include my blog, which was housed at, into one location.

So, I attended my first WordPress Meetup Group in March, transferred my website and hosting to another provider, and created a new website, basically from scratch. I knew I needed to improve my SEO, and I had a bunch of books and watched videos. But what really helped me was working with Yusuf Chowdhury, a Digital Marketer and Social Media Coach. He is the owner of Online Business Owners, and he is absolutely wonderful to work with.

I compared date for both March and April, and in 1 month, there has been significant growth in traffic to my website. The Total views have increased by 50%, there are 90% more Page views, people are looking at 26% more pages per visit, and there is a 79% increase in people going to my home page. More page views translate into more clients and students, and the ability to educate more people in using safe and natural holistic healing techniques. If you are in need of a Social Media Strategist, then I would highly recommend contacting Yusuf Chowdury through his website at, or through Facebook.

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