Reiki in Everyday Living Part 3: Work Hard

The fourth Reiki principle that Sensei Usui advised us to follow was to work hard with integrity, but what does that really mean.  At first blush, that would seem rather obvious.  Work hard at whatever job we have and be productive in life.  But the precept “Work hard with integrity” means to spend time knowing who you are as an individual and work diligently to become a whole and integrated person in body, mind, heart, and spirit.This makes perfect sense, because Reiki healing is holistic, bringing harmony and balance to all Human energy fields .

In the last lesson, we talked about how Sensei Usui’s first healing was on himself.  That is the model we follow every day, to practice self-healing techniques and work on ourselves.  When we are open to working on ourselves and uncovering the muck and grime and address any issues that need healing each day, our health and sense of well-being improves and we gain an increased feeling of connection to God/Universal Energy/Source.  This partnership and alignment of ourselves to higher frequencies teaches us some of the qualities of peace, gratitude, kindness, and integrity.

By spending time in meditation, doing Reiki treatments on ourselves and others, we can learn about our higher self, which is our true nature.  When we are connected to Universal energy and higher consciousness, whatever we do is elevated to a higher level.  And each time we perform the Reiki Method, we open ourselves up to thinking about our relationship with the creator or source of this energy.
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