Creating Sacred Space Using Reiki

Creating Sacred Space Using Reiki

What does it mean to create “Sacred Space”, and how does one create a “Sacred Space”?  Good questions.  I recently took a Continuing Education class through edu2go called Spirituality, Health, and Healing.  The objective of this class was to teach healthcare practitioners how to give appropriate and compassionate spiritual care to their patients/clients as part of Integrative Holistic Healing, and to create a “Sacred Space ” in which healing can occur.

My primary focus as a Holistic Healthcare Practitioner and Educator has been teaching people in the San Antonio area how to use Reiki, Reflexology, and Acupressure to reduce their stress, increase immune function, and increase their sense of well-being.  During healing sessions, clients often share with me very personal information.  Many times I am unsure what to say to them, and have felt that I should be taking courses in Pastoral Care or Counseling, so that I would know and be able to say just exactly the right thing at the right time.  One time I asked a former student of mine, who is a counselor, if they would be interested in teaching a workshop to people, and expressed to them my feelings of inadequacy in knowing what to say.  My student smiled at me and said something like “Don’t worry.  Just being there is all they expect and need.”

I’ve thought about what this student said to me, and taking this on-line class really helped me to understand that I AM giving spiritual care to my clients, friends, and loved-ones  just by creating an environment which allows them to trust, giving them respect and being present during their healing sessions, and allowing them the space to share whatever feelings they have without judgement.

One of the most spiritual practices we can undertake is treating ourselves and our environment as sacred.  Sacred spaces are places that mirror our worldview and our sense of self in a positive, uplifting, and healthy way.  Sacred space is a place where the miracles of life are acknowledged as evidence of something bigger than us, and sacred space resides within each and every one of us.

Sacred healing space is an important aspect of health and healing.  It is a space where people are supported and nurtured, in which they feel spiritually calm, where they are connected to elements of nature, and in which health and well-being are promoted.

The Reiki Method helps people to connect to God-consciousness (Universal Spirit, Source, Divine).  That connection alone helps people feel spiritually calm.  The healing outcomes from the Reiki Method, whether it’s tangible or intangible, does indeed show us that we are connected to something bigger than us, and therefore a Sacred Space has been created.  It is through intent and action that we co-create healing environments for ourselves and others.

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