Crystals: Moonstone

Tumbled Moonstone

Moonstone is composed of two feldspar species, orthoclase and albite. The two species are intermingled. Then, as the newly formed mineral cools, the inter growth of orthoclase and albite separates into stacked, alternating layers. When light falls between these thin, flat layers, it scatters in many directions producing the phenomenon called adularescence.  Moonstone is  sodium potassium aluminium silicate, with the chemical formula (Na,K)AlSi3O8.  Moonstone may be white, cram, yellow, blue, or green, and it’s appearance is milky and translucent.  It is easily obtained and is found in India, Sri Lanka, and Australia.  It is a “stone of new beginnings”, and as it’s name suggests, is associated with the moon and feminine energy, and in India, is considered the perfect stone for women.  This stone reminds us as that just like the waxing and waning of the moon, everything is part of a cycle of change.

Moonstone has been used for many things, from enhancing intuition to clearing chakras.  This stone has been used for psychological, mental, emotional, and physical issues, so it’s a good all around holistic stone to use.  This stone makes conscious the unconscious and enhances intuition and empathy.  It is well known that this stone has been used to help women with easing menstrual cramps and other issues within the female reproductive system.  Moonstone can help balance all fluid systems in the body, such as the lymphatic and digestive systems.  Moonstone can gently balance and stabilize all emotional states and help release stress and tension and is good to use on the sacral chakra.  Moonstone opens the mind to sudden and irrational impulses, serendipity, and synchronicity.

Moonstone is considered a Dream holder talisman.  Dream holders have the appearance of being hazy, as if something is veiled or hidden from our sight, just beneath the surface.  Moonstone is particularly powerful when used as a tool to help us focus our energy or hold on to our dreams.  It is also considered a filter, and these stones are used to keep negative energy away from us and help us to see the positive in situations, rather than the negative.

The Archangel associated with moonstone is Haniel.


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