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Kay H. Lowel, D.D. and Reiki Master Teacher

Kay H. Lowell D.D, ordained minister and Doctor of Divinity, is a certified and registered GendaiTM Reiki teacher with the International Association of Reiki Professionals practicing Reiki since 2005.  She began her Reiki Journey by taking Reiki 1 and 2 in 2005, and completed her Western Master teacher Level with San Antonio Community College in 2008, where she completed a 2-year apprenticeship by assisting and teaching Reiki, Reflexology, and Acupressure classes that were approved for Nursing Continuing Education Units.  Feeling that there was more information to learn, and desiring a more Traditional Japanese Reiki approach, Kay further augmented her training by intensively studying GendaiTM Reiki for a year under Sensei Y. Fukushima, a student of Sensei Hiroshi Doi.  Kay utilizes the Usui Reiki Ryoho System, and integrates Reflexology, Acupressure, Sound Therapy, Color Therapy, Crystal Therapy and Aromatherapy into client sessions upon request.

Kay has been teaching Reiki, Reflexology, and Acupressure since 2008.   Training students and helping them improve their health and well being is one of her passions. She is dedicated to providing her students with the  support and training they need on their journey toward self-discovery. She organizes Reiki shares for her students several times a year to give them an opportunity to practice and discuss techniques with other Reiki practitioners.

Kay is an ordained minister and holds an honorary PhD in Divinity from the Universal Life Church, an MS in Environmental Management from UH-Clear Lake, an MBA from UH-Clear Lake, and a BS in Biochemical and Biophysical Sciences from the University of Houston.  Prior to her current business experience, she was a Safety, Health, and Environmental Manager for a Fortune 500 company where she was responsible for training and compliance issues for 9 R&D Facilities, she taught computer education to elementary and middle school children, and she was involved in the health care industry for 4 years investigating insurance payments.


  • Certified Crystal Reader TM
  • Certified Angel Card ReaderTM
  • Certified Realm ReaderTM
  • Certified Fairyologist TM
  • GendaiTMReiki Teacher
  • Acupressure
  • Reflexology
  • Complementary and Alternative Medicine
  • Spirituality, Health, and Healing
  • Assertiveness for Earth Angels
  • Food, Nutrition and Health
  • Meditation
  • Optimal Healing Enviornments


Universal Life Church
International Association of Reiki Professionals

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