Student Testimonials

To the Holistic Chamber of Commerce:

“Kay Lowell is my Reiki teacher and I am a client of hers as well. Kay is an outstanding teacher. Her classes are taught in a clear concise manner. She is prepared and knowledgeable. If she doesn’t feel prepared on a subject, she seeks out others who are knowledgeable or she advances her own knowledge base before she will teach the class.

When I have received Reiki/reflexology or acupressure from Kay, she is compassionate, conscientious, and works following her intuition. She is usually right on with intuitive hits with regard to how I am feeling and what would be best for me at that moment. Kay is innovative and often looks for new opportunities to advance individual as well as community awareness of and support for Reiki. Kay has always followed through and done what she said she would and she is honest. I feel I can trust her absolutely.

In addition, Kay has a terrific sense of humor; a wonderful balance helping her students to not take life too seriously. I am also impressed with Kay’s commitment to advancing her business. She works so hard, yet seems to really love what she is doing. She is constantly looking for creative ways to share her classes and skills and doesn’t hesitate to seek out others opinions and expertise when necessary.

Finally, Kay takes time for her students when we have questions, especially for beginning Reiki practitioners and she is an excellent listener. Without question, I would rate Kay’s work as a 10. I would not only recommend Kay without hesitation, and in fact, I have recommended her.

Kay Lowell is a compassionate, caring and knowledgeable Reiki Master Teacher and practitioner of Reiki, acupressure and reflexology. Whether in a class or during a private session, Kay’s intuition effectively guides her. Kay has helped me tremendously to advance my Reiki skills through Gendai Reiki class. And I definitely experience improved well being because of Reiki/acupressure/reflexology sessions I have received from Kay. Kay delivers on what she says she will offer. ”

~ Joann Moore from San Antonio, January 16th 2011

“I completed the Reiki Level 1 and 2 classes with Kay Lowell at the Spiritual Health and Wellness Center.  Kay is a skilled teacher with a warm personality and great sense of humor.  Her teaching style and the format of the classes are engaging, fun, and easy to follow. I enjoyed learning about traditional as well as Western style Reiki.  Kay allowed me to ask as many questions as needed in order to understand the history, process, techniques, and tools.  In addition, the class packages include some very help manuals, which are now part of my Reiki home library. Kay also opens up intriguing dialogue in the classes to give her students an opportunity to share their perceptions and experiences with the healing power of Reiki.  Kay inspired me to continue learning about it after I left the class. I wanted to write this review for anyone who is looking for a Reiki class because I had a very positive experience and look forward to using all I’ve learned. Reiki has changed my life. I’m a school teacher, and Reiki is helping me to relieve stress both for myself and others in these highly stressful times in our public school system. Many thanks to Kay at the Spiritual Health and Wellness Center for all she taught me about this wonderful healing modality.”

~J.Davis, San Antonio, Texas

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