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REIKI FAQS: What is the difference between the style of Reiki you teach and other forms of Reiki

All forms of Reiki have one thing in common:  the energy that is passed during the attunement/Reiju process originates from Sensei Usui. Most people who are taking classes and practicing have received their knowledge through the Hayashi/Takata lineage. 

The reason why there are differences in Classes that are taught around the world is that classes have evolved because the classes have been taught through the teacher’s lens and their knowledge base and what was passed to them by their teacher.  Each teacher has their own idea of what should be taught in a class. 

Even Mrs. Takata made changes and did not include many things that Sensei Hayashi taught her, and recent information has been found which may indicate that Sensei Hayashi may have made changes to Sensei Usui’s original Reiki School.

Change is neither bad or good, and may have in fact helped Reiki to spread so quickly once Mrs. Takata initiated her students.  The biggest difference between GendaiTM Reiki and some of the other Western Style forms that are taught is that GendaiTM Reiki incorporates the original teachings and practices that were a part of the Usui Society in Japan with Western Style. 

In particular, the emphasis on personal self-discovery and integrating Reiki into daily life through the Gokai (Five Principles) has been lost in many of the classes that are taught today.  Even in my own educational experience, one Reiki teacher that I received classes from did not emphasize that the Gokai are a tool that we use on our journey for self-discovery and healing. 

In GendaiTM Reiki, the student spends time at every level exploring the Gokai, learning more about themselves, and learning how to integrate the Gokai into their every day lives.

Recently, Bronwen and Frans Stiene, Japanese Reiki teachers from Australia and the founders of the International House of Reiki, conducted brain wave studies.  Following here are embedded videos showing the actual test and another video discussing why learning a form of Reiki based in Japanese techniques, like the form they teach as well as  GendaiTM Reiki, may have a more profound impact on brain waves than other forms of Reiki that are currently being taught. 

By focusing on the Gokai and learning to incorporate those principles in our every day life, Traditional Japanese Style Reiki students may be able to attain a deeper brain wave pattern than students who have not had the opportunity to learn Japanese meditative techniques.  More research needs to be conducted in this area.

Testing Reiki Brain Waves Video

Response To Reiki Brain Waves Video

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