Reflexology Classes

Reflexology Classes in Greater Houston 

Reflexology is the use of thumb techniques and applying pressure to reflex points on the hands, feet, and ears.  Reflexology is similar to Zone Therapy, in that the hands, feet, and ears are divided into zones. 

However, the parts of the body are superimposed on the feet, hands, and ears.  So, when someone applies pressure to the tips of your fingers or toes, they are also working on your sinuses. 

Reflexology does not utilize lotions or oils while performing the treatment, and generally does not use tools.  Reflexology is a technique you can learn to do on yourself, or for family members and friends.

Reflexology Classes in Greater Houston 

We teach our reflexology classes in 4-hour sessions rather than 1 8-hour session so that students can spend more time learning the techniques.  By the end of the class, our goal is to help our students feel confident enough that they can begin using Reflexology on themselves on a daily basis and feel that they can give a great, holistic healing session.

Reflexology is not Acupressure, since reflexology does not focus on using the Meridian energy channels, but there is some similarity.

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