House Cleansings and Blessings in Greater Houston

Everyone likes to be in a comfortable, warm, nurturing, and inviting environment.  It’s one of the basics that we require, whether you are looking at it from a Chakra standpoint, or whether you are looking at it from Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs.  And creating Sacred Space is vital to our health and healing process. That’s why performing a house cleansing, or blessing is important. 

Sometimes our home no longer feels peaceful, and all we want to do is go somewhere else rather than stay there, especially if there have been a lot of arguments that have taken place. Maybe you are in the process of selling your home and you are having difficulty finding the right people to close.   Or perhaps you are a business owner and sales have dropped, or you have a lot of employee turnover.  It may be time to perform a house/business cleansing, or blessing.

By creating balance and harmony in your home or business, this service can help you feel better and reduce your stress.  It can also help businesses improve employee relations and their bottom lines.

Blessing/Cleansing spaces has been around a long time, and many religions have done this as a way to protect the inhabitants from misfortune.  The Native Americans have done smudging ceremonies.

I utilize many things when I conduct a house cleansing, including smudging, praying, intent, and Reiki.

 If you are a homeowner, Realtor, or business owner, you may schedule your service on line by clicking Make An Appointment.

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