How Reiki Can Heal Damaged Relationships

How Reiki Can Heal Damaged Relationships

Humans are hot wired for building relationships, especially women.  Having positive, nurturing, and supportive relationships reduces stress, anxiety, and depression.  For women, their relationships with their female family members, friends, and co-workers is just as important, if not more so, than their relationships with their husbands and boyfriends.

Because women value close relationships with other women, it is even more difficult for them when a relationship begins to deteriorate, or they no longer feel that the relationship is positive and supportive.  Feelings of loneliness, despair, anxiety, low self-worth, and disappointment can all occur.

It can be a difficult decision when a friendship or connection begins to sour.  The choices that we have to make to ensure that we are not sacrificing ourselves to maintain these relationships confront us. We have to decide whether to be loyal and miserable, loyal but distant, or remove ourselves entirely from the relationship or situation.

We can’t change other people, but we can shift our perspective, attitudes, and behaviors.  This is where practicing Reiki on a daily basis can help, and sending long distance energy to the person and the situation can make a positive change.

Reiki energy, or God consciousness energy, has an interesting way of working within us.  When we focus on healing ourselves and connecting to the Divine, we open up to creating miracles.  We are able to forgive easier, not worry about the future, be grateful for everything, and be compassionate with ourselves and other people.

One exercise that I teach my students and practice myself is healing relationships or situations with others.  Visualize yourself sitting in a circle, surrounded by the people with whom you have been having difficulty. Begin by giving yourself Reiki, and then visualizing each person, looking them in the eye, and giving them a peony while sending them Reiki.  During Victorian times, the Peony represented healing.  Allow yourself to see their authentic spirit self and release all negative feelings.  Sometimes this can take a while to get through, and get to the point where you authentically wish the other person well.

While we may grieve the loss of those personal connections, sometimes the best decision we can make for ourselves and the other person is to cut all ties, especially if the relationship or situation has become toxic.  Of course, this is much easier if you don’t have to work with these people, or be around them on a consistent basis.  For those instances, it is best to minimize contact and visualize being surrounded by a protective wall of white light.

Practicing this exercise allows for Divine Intervention.  It allows for letting go without anger.  It allows for new space to be open for other relationships which are positive, productive, and nurturing.

Kay H. Lowell is a Holistic Health Educator and Practitioner. She is the owner of Spiritual, Health, and Wellness Center, located in  San Antonio, Texas.  She offers Continuing Education Classes in Gendai Reiki, Hand and Foot Reflexology, and Acupressure.
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