Halloween, Tarot, and Archetypes

Halloween, Tarot, and Archetypes

Halloween, Tarot, and Archetypes

 I love Halloween.  It’s my favorite holiday because it occurs in the Autumn, and I get to dress up.  Well, mostly because I get to dress up.  But then, I could dress up like this all the time, if I really wanted (I just might, too).

Since I grew up in South Texas, it was generally pretty hot during this time of the year, so I really didn’t get my full appreciation of the holiday until I moved up to the Northeast.  There, the temperatures regularly got down to the 40s and 50s, and the seasonal color changes were breath taking.  The oranges and deep purple hues were some I had never experienced in the Houston area.

As a kid growing up in the early 70s, I remember going trick-or-treating a few times, prior to the Razor-in-the-Apple scare.  That totally ruined going trick or treating.  People were afraid to bake homemade items to give to trick-or-treaters, and parents were afraid to let their kids have any homemade items, for fear some lunatic would poison or harm their children.

Many of the popular costumes that are sold today represent archetypes that have been around for a long time.  And as a Gendai™ Reiki Teacher, I teach my students about Archetypes and the Chakras in the Level 2, or Okuden class.  According to Wikipedia, Archetypes are defined as 

“a universally understood symbol, term,[1] or pattern of behavior, a prototype upon which others are copied, patterned, or emulated. Archetypes are often used in myths and storytelling across different cultures.

In psychology, an archetype is a model of a person, personality, or behavior.

In philosophy, archetypes have, since Plato, referred to as ideal forms of the perceived or sensible objects or types.”

So for example, those fairy tales that we all read about, with the beautiful princess, the wicked witch, etc., are symbols of behavior. The Mother Figure is one that is universally recognized.  

Carl Jung is the person most associated with Archetypes, and used this approach as a tool to help people become aware of   attitudes and behaviors that affect their happiness and well-being.  The chakras, or energy centers, are associated with the Archetypes as well. The goal in healing is to recognize the Shadow Archetype, and move toward the healthier one. So for example, The first chakra is associated with the Mother Figure as a positive archetype, and the Shadow archetype would be the Victim.  The Second Chakra is the Emperor (King) or The Martyr.

And quite interestingly, if you look at most Tarot Decks, the Major Arcana depicts many Archetypes, like The Devil, The Fool, The Magician, The Priestess, The Hermit, The Empress/Emperor, The Lovers,Temperance, and The Star.  So with that in mind, here is your Daily Card Reading for October 31, 2012

Daily Card Reading For Halloween 2012

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