Reiki: Profound Affects In Your Life

Reiki Heals The Mind First, Then The Body

I want to share an experience that I had regarding the profound changes that I witnessed for a student of mine. I have the immense pleasure of  sharing Gendai Reiki Shoden and Okuden levels with  Jill*.  Jill* is not the person’s real name.  I met Jill* some time ago in a Holistic Healing Class that combined several Complementary Modalities.  During the sharing portion, where each student reported their experience, one of Jill’s* fellow students reported that Jill* was unknowingly “sucking the energy from him”, and that he “felt nauseated” during his session with Jill*.  Now mind you, each student had been worked on several times by other fellow students, and Jill* worked on this person, who we shall call Nathan*,  last.  Whether Jill*really pulled energy from Nathan* or not during that class, I can not say, since I had not worked with Jill*, but I can say that I certainly did not receive any negative feedback about Jill*.  Maybe Nathan* had reached his threshold and was beginning to detox or was overstressed, we will never know, nor is it really important.    However, this kind of class was Jill’s first experience with using Holistic Healing Techniques, and needless to say, Jill* was somewhat reticent about taking any other classes, or learning more about other holistic therapies after that experience.

As a Reiki Teacher, owner of Spiritual, Health, and Wellness Center and a Doctor of Clinical Therapy through the Pastoral Medical Association, I immediately felt that Jill* could benefit from taking a Reiki class or two and learning how to work with an energy healing modality like Reiki.  Reiki is such a spiritual, gentle, non-invasive and safe healing art, that I wanted her to experience it first hand, and to successfully share it with other people.  I invited her to a class that I was having, and explained to her that the reason she should take the class was that I believed she could benefit greatly from it, and that my goal was for her to learn to work with energy healing and to build her confidence, so that she would feel good and be empowered sharing these wonderful gifts with family and friends.  Jill* agreed, and was eagerly at the Reiki Shoden Class.

During the first Reiki Shoden Class, Jill* was attentive and took copious notes.  The students practiced giving Reiki to each other, and Jill* left the class somewhat overwhelmed.  There is a lot of information that is presented in a Gendai Reiki Shoden Level, and since Jill* had not been previously exposed to concepts like Chakras, Human Energy Fields, Japanese Reiki Terms, and Meditative Practices, I am sure this class was somewhat overwhelming for her.  Jill* did note that her primary complaint, which was a painful lower back, had disappeared during the Reiki Session.

We waited a few weeks before we took the Reiki Okuden Level Class, and Jill* came back with a lot of questions.  She reported that she had not experienced any lower back pains since the Gendai Reiki Shoden Class, and that the few family members that would let her practice on them had received positive benefits as well.  Jill* was excited to see that Reiki Healing works and to witness it first-hand for herself.  She was feeling more confident in her abilities, and knew that she would not hurt anyone doing Reiki, and she was very excited to continue this journey.  She was confused about some of the information that was presented during the first class, so we reviewed the information from the Reiki Shoden Class, and built on that information to further continue her understanding of how Reiki Heals the Mind First, Then The Body in the Gendai Reiki Okuden Class.  The Gendai Reiki Okuden Class prepares the student to work on themselves and others on any level, whether it be physical, spiritual, emotional, or Long Distance.  We discuss perceptions and how the Collective Unconscious affects us, as well as Archetypes.

We do many exercises and meditations in the Gendai Okuden class, but one thing I do is I have my students bring in a picture or a name of a friend or family member from whom they have received permission, and I have the students send Long Distance Reiki Healing to them.  Jill* has a friend that lives in another state, who has a serious health concern.  Jill* had told her friend that she would be sending her Long Distance Reiki Healing during the class.  We performed that exercise, and noted the time that we sent the Long Distance Healing.  Jill* spoke to her friend a few days later, and discovered that at the time she was sending Long Distance Healing to her friend, the friend felt an incredible heat in her ears.  She had not told Jill* that she had been having problems with her ears.  That experience was just another confirmation for Jill* that Reiki healing does work, and can be used to facilitate positive outcomes for herself and others.

As a teacher, it is so rewarding to see someone else bloom right before your eyes.  To take the information that was given and to just exponentially grow.  And to be so excited that they have to share what they just learned to everyone they meet.  This process doesn’t always happen this quickly, and many times students don’t always share the profound differences they have experienced.  In most cases, the changes are so subtle, that the student doesn’t always recognize it themselves.  One of the reasons that I teach is to share the profound healing that can occur by using safe, non-invasive, complementary therapies.  I enjoy helping other people along their self-discovery path and encourage others to do so as well.

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