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How to Plan an Astrology Themed Event for Your Open House Part 1

How to Plan an Astrology Themed Event for Your Open House Part 1

As the small business owner of a Wellness Center, I occasionally hold Open Houses and invite students, clients, and other contacts to visit with me and experience the Healing Sacred Space energy in my Wellness Center.  Creating a Sacred Space is an important element in Integrative Healing, and it is something I consciously strive to provide.

Since I am open only by appointment, the Open House gives people the opportunity to also purchase items that they may have seen, but didn’t get a chance to buy, or to ask me questions about certain products that I offer only on-line.  Teaching and providing Holistic Health Classes and Sessions is only one of my passions.  I also enjoy planning events. For me, planning events consists of choosing a theme, and then using that theme as the base for what kinds of food to provide, decorations, and the invitations.  Sometimes one item or one food is the inspiration for pulling it all together.  I do this all the time when I have themed tea parties at my home.


So, I looked at my busy schedule, and decided that Saturday, May 5, 2012 was a good day to have an Open House.  It also happened to be the day the Supermoon occurred.  The Supermoon is where the full moon appears its largest and brightest.  My friend and colleague, Cassandra Santori is the owner of Wormilicious.  That is her primary passion.  But another passion of hers is Astrology.  She has studied Astrology for many years, and I thought it would be fun to have her do readings at the Open House.  I am very selective about the people and events that I have at my Wellness Center, and I knew Cassandra would be just right.  She is a very practical and grounded person, and someone that I believe in and trust.  She is an excellent educator and is also a very compassionate person.


O.k.  Astrology themed Open House…check.  It’s also Cinco de Mayo.  So, I asked myself this question:  would it be possible to combine the Astrology theme with Cinco de Mayo?  And the answer was a resounding YES!  In several posts, I will be giving you the recipes for all of the food items I provided at the Open House.  Many of them were store bought to save time, but I made at least one third of the items myself.  The menu consisted of the following items:

  • Aries Cosmic Appetizers
  • Taurus Taco Pie
  • Gemini Guacamole (purchased)
  • Cancer Crudite
  • Leo Lemon Bars
  • Virgo Veggie Dip(purchased)
  • Libra Libations
  • Scorpio Sweet Treats
  • Sagittarius Salsa (purchased)
  • Capricorn Chips
  • Aquarius Avocado Cranberry Chutney
  • Pices Pico (purchased)


I decided to decorate very simply.  I purchased papeir maché stars from the local craft store and painted them gold.  I also purchased wooden moon shapes and painted them silver.  I hung them from the ceiling.  I found some wonderful black knit fabric with silver stars on it and used it to cover the tables.  I also made signs for the food and placed them on each dish to carry out the theme.  Of course, you can see from the pictures in this post what it all looked like.

Everyone had a great time.  I really enjoy opening my wellness center up to people to experience the healing, welcoming environment.

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