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Fang Shui and Crystals

Tony, Fang Shui Master

Hello, all.  Tony, Fang Shui master here.  At my Alpha female’s request, and due to the popularity of both of my other articles, I am writing another article about Fang Shui, or Feng Shui, as the humans call it.  In the last article I wrote, I talked briefly about the Bagua, which is a tool to map your environment, whether it be your home or office.  With the Bagua we locate areas in the environment which need to be balanced, and place Fang Shui cures to unblock stagnant energy.   My Alpha Female loves to work with crystals, and she suggested that I write this brief article combining crystals with the Bagua.

Having a peaceful and harmonious environment is important to both humans and animals, especially cats.  By using the Bagua and placing particular crystals in those areas can bring additional healing energy to those particular parts of your life.

Life Area                                           Location         Stone
Helpful People/Travel                   Front Right          Moonstone
Career                                                Center Front        Black Tourmaline
Skills and Knowledge                      Front Left            Lapis Lazuli
Abundance                                         Left Rear             Amethyst
Fame/Reputation                             Central Rear        Garnet
Relationships/Love                         Right Rear            Rose Quartz
Creativity/Children                          Right Center        Clear Quartz
Family                                                Left Center            Green Jade
Health/Harmony                              Center                   Citrine


To use these crystals, you may place loose tumbled stones in bowls.  I prefer a large basket, myself, one that I can crawl into.  Oh, I digress.  Just thinking about my upcoming nap and enjoying the peaceful vibrations of my Fang Shuied  domicile.    Let me give you an example of using crystals to unblock stagnant energy.  If you are looking to enhance your career, you would want to place black tourmaline somewhere in the center front of the domicile.  Perhaps in a small bowl on a table, close to the doorway as you enter your domicile.  What a purrrrrrfect location for a bowl full of tumbled stones, maybe even mixed in with some copper pennies.  Or maybe you have a ceiling fan in the room that you enter from the front door.  A black tourmaline fan pull would be another good option as well.  Perhaps you are looking to increase abundance.  If you have a fireplace situated in the Left Rear of the domicile, placing an amethyst quartz on top of the mantel would certainly beautify your space.

It’s time for me to end my writings.  I am pawsatively ready for a nap!  Until next time.


Crystal Therapy, by Doreen Virtue and Judith Lukomski

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