Crystals: Unakite

Unakite Heart-shaped stone

Unakite, also called epidote is a type of granite composed of pink orthoclase feldspar, green epidote, and generally colorless quartz.  The name Unakite comes from the location where this crystal is found, in the Unakas Mountains of North Carolina, although it is not limited to the United States.  It can be found in South Africa, Sierra Leone, Brazil, and China.  It’s a good medium for using to make other shapes, like globes, hearts, eggs, and animals.

Unakite is known as a stone of vision.  It helps balance the emotions with spirituality.  Placing it on the third eye opens it and promotes visualization and psychic vision.  It is also a good grounding stone.  Unakite is a good stone to place in a bowl around the room because it brings a calm and gentle energy and can counter balance the negative electromagnetic pollution from televisions and computers. This stone is also associated with the heart chakra because it is both green and pink.

Unakite can be used to facilitate rebirthing  the process of reviewing past events and past causes for correcting current blockages through the use of breath work, as well as Regression Therapy.



The Crystal Bible, by Judy Hall

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